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Suffering from the "Grass Is Green" Syndrome !!!

Posted by Sneh | 22 May 2011, 5:26pm

Grass Is Green Syndrome (GIGS) is a very deadly syndrome which makes you think negetively about everything going on in your life, even though there is nothing wrong actually.
The name 'Grass Is Green' suggests that humans have insatiable desire for more.. we always think grass is greener on the other side of the fence.. life of others is more happening/peaceful than ours.. they are happier than us.. We always strive to live their life and forget about our own life.. but we are out of this syndrome once we realise that our life is so much better.. It is said that this syndrome majorly attacks men once they get married.. :P
Diagnosis of GIGS is not very easy... and if not diagnosed and treated on time may result in even more dissatisfaction in your life..
GIGS has not reported causes.. it can strike you anytime.. here are the symptoms--
Your default mode is 'Frustation'
You feel your job sucks.. its repeatative.. its boring..
You feel you are unlucky in love..
You strongly feel things will be better if you change your job or apartment or gf/bf.. whichever sucks most...
You feel drinking helps.. but actually it does not.. it worsens the syndrome..
I have underlined the word FEEL coz its all your perception... if you see around..
you realise you have so many things to cheer about.. nice paying job.. nice apartment.. nice friends.. amazing things happening in life.. but all this doesnt matter coz your perception is negetive..

I guess I was facing the Grass Is Green Syndrome sometime back.. but m just out of it..
Its time to Be Positive :)

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Posted by Sneh | 22 May 2011, 5:26pm

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